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Belynichi is known starting from the middle of the XVI century as a village in the Orsha volost, Vitebsk military government of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. On the 4th of October 1634 Belynichi obtained the Magdeburg right. In the years 1756—1761 the Carmelite has built over there a big stone Roman Catholic Church in the Baroque style, the interior of which was decorated with frescos. In the year 1761 princess Elena acquired a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary for the church and here a mass pilgrimage of the believers started, and one began to name the small town a "Russian Chanstahova". In the XVIII century, in the small town the customs office worked, which was under the control of the main customs in Mogilev.

As an administrative unit the Belynichi district was formed on the 17th of July 1924. Nowadays Belynichi appears to be a beautiful, comfortable, well-equipped urban village where 10 thousand people reside. Here "The Belynichi cheese factory" Open Joint-Stock Company and "The Belynichi starch factory" Open Joint-Stock Company , a forest economy, a cooperative industry combine and the others operate.

The Belynichi Region is a homeland of the people's painter of the BSSR and the RSFSR Belynichsky-Birulya (the arts museum in the village is named in his name), of the peoples artist of the BSSR and the RSFSR G. Ovsyannikov, the Honored artist of the BSSR V Rogovtsov.

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