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For the first time the urban-type village Beshenkovichi was mentioned in about 1460. Since 1630 it has belonged to K. L. Sapega. Under his regency Beshenkevichi developed rapidly and got the status of a town. In 1634 it obtained the Magdeburg right.

During the North war in 17001721 the Russian troops standed in Beshenkovichi (1708). Peter the Great visited the place three times.

One of the largest annual Belarusian fairs used to take place in Beshenkovichi and it had a great importance in the economic development of the town. The belarusian, Russian and west-european merchants met there. During die Patriotic War of 1812 the Emperor Napoleon headquarters was situated here. Nowadays Beshenkovichi is an administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Beshenkovichi region. There are 7 industrial enterprises in the region: a saddlery plant which is a unique one in the republic, a forestry enterprise, a flax treating plant, the artistic products plant, a cooperative industry plant, a regional agro-industrial enterprise, "Belkotlomash" LLC.

The architectural monumets have been preserved: the Hreptovichi court and park ensemble of the late XVII the beginning of XIX century, the churh Iliynskaya of the XIX century in Beshenkovichi, the church Nikolaevskaia (the second half of the XIX century) in the v. Dorogokupova.

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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