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The first mentioning on Bobruisk refers to the 1337 year. In the years 13301340 it became a part, together with the outskirts, of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Olgerd's and his brother Keistut's ownership. In the year 1540 Bobruisk was for the first time indicated on the geographical map of Europe, published in Basel. The town had the Magdeburg right. In die XVIXVII cc. it increased in size and enriched because of the merchants admission and due to the taxes collection in its customs. In the XIV XVIII centuries the Bobruisk castle appeared to be the centre of defense of the Middle Ages Bobruisk.

Starting from the year 1793, Bobruisk became a part of the Russian Empire. From the year 1795 it became a centre of the Bobruisk district. Starting from the year 1796, it obtained its emblem.

Bobruisk was involved in the Decembrists movement. There a Bobruisk Decembrists plan was worked out in the year 1832, which foresaw the tsar and his suite arrest during the fortress troops parade.

Nowadays Bobruisk is a modern, dynamically developing city, an important industrial and cultural centre with the population of 221 thousand people. The city industry is represented by 54 enterprises of different branches and forms of ownership. In Bobruisk the whole volume of the automobile tires manufacturing as well as the whole area volume of the centrifugal pumps, fodder microbiological protein and wooden fiber slabs production are concentrated. The manufactured products are exported by the city enterprises in more than 30 countries of the world.

In Bobruisk the following architectural monuments have survived: a city mansion on the Pushkin Street (modern style, 1912), an apartment house at the Internazional'naya Street, 25, a civil architectural monument (modern style, 1912).

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