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In the beginning of the XVI century it had been A. Khodkevich's ownership, a governor of the Novogrudok province, granted to him by Alexander, the great prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the King of Poland. On T. Makovsky's map (the year 1613) it was indicated as a small town of the Grodno District. Officially, it became a small town on the basis of August's II privilege the King of Rech Pospolitaya as of the year 1725. Starting from the year 1795 it had made part of the Russian Empire, from the year 1921 of Poland and from the year 1939 it was the BSSR's part. From the year 1944 it became a regional centre and from the year 1947 a urban village. The industry of the urban village is represented by the enterprises, the most important of which are: the branch office of the Open Joint-Stock Company "Grodno dairy combine", the Berestovitsky creamery factory", the Republican Unitary Enterprise "The Berestovitsky Printing Plant".

In the town village an ancient architectural monument of the XVII century (the year 1617) a Roman Catholic church of the Saint Virgin Mary is situated. The following temples operate: the Saint Nikolay Church (the year 1868) and the Transfiguration Roman Catholic Church (the year 1912).

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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