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Ancient Bragin was a part of the Kiev Principality. It was first mentioned in 1147 in Ipatyev manuscript: 'After rivers had become frozen Olgovich and Davidovichi sent their retinue to attack Byagin with Polovtsy"... In 1241 Mongolo-Tatars plundered the town and reduced it to ashes. Since 1360 it was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania as a property of grand princes. In 1511 King Zhighimont the First the Old granted to Bragin a charter according which townsmen received some rights and benefits. In 1603 prince Adam Vishnevsky, who was at enmity with Tsar of Moscow Boris Godunov, received False Dmitry the First as a guest in his estate in Bragin.

After the World War II enterprises of national economy were completely restored in Bragin; such industrial enterprises as a creamery, a bakery plant, a distillery, a confectionery and an enterprise producing sausage were constructed. But consequently the disaster at the Chernobyl atomic power station all the territory of Bragin district was exposed to radioactive contamination. People left 52 settlements, 9 of the settlements were annihilated. Time is passing and Bragin is restoring. Enterprises are renewing, vitally important facilities such as a gas pipeline, a water deironing station, a new hospital building with a nutrition unit, blocks of flats are being constructed.

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