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In the written sources it's known from the middle of the XVI century as a village Chausy of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Starting from the year 1603 it was known as a town and in the year 1634 it obtained the Magdeburg right. Since the year 1924 Chausy is a beautiful town, bathing in verdure, with the population of more than 10 thousand people. The industrial enterprises of the Region include the following ones: a creamery and cheese factory, a flax factory, a vegetables drying factory, a reinforced concrete goods factory and the others.

The people of Chausy are proud of their celebrated compatriots. A famous Belarussian lexicographer and a specialist in folklore Ivan Ivanovich Nosovich was born in the village named Grozivets, and the town Chausy itself appears to be a homeland of Varvara Aleksandrovna Koshevarova-Rudneva, the first woman in Russia, who obtained a Doctor of Medical Sciences degree. The land of Chausy remembers and honors many other its celebrated compatriots as well.

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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