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Cherven (till the 18th of September Igumen) is situated on the Igumenka River, tributary of the Volma River. The town was first mentioned in 1387. From the 1st half of XV century the town was owned by Princes Kezhgaylo, since 1447 the borough was property of Vilnya bishops. Igumen was a part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, later it passed to Kingdom of Poland. In 1793 Igumen became a part of Russia. Since May, 1795 Igumen was a center of uyezd (district) of Minsk province. Since 1796 the town has its emblem: a silvery bunch of flowers and five bees about it against a blue background. From 1924 the town is a district center in Minsk region (till 1930), since 1938 in Minsk province. Industries include bread-baking plant, interkolkhozstroy, vegetable processing, milk plant, industrial forestry, woodworking.

Some architectural sights have survived in the district, such as Antoniy Catholic Church (late XVIII early XIX century), palace with wings and unique park (the 2nd half of XIX century) in the village of Rava-nichy, palace of two buildings (XIX century) near the Volma River in the borough of Smilovichi

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