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The town of Dokshitsy has been known since the XV century as the settlement in Vilenskoe voivodeship as the part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1739 it became the part of Russia. 22 January 1796 it got its own emblem 2 small hills in the green field with some jugs on it. From the jugs the silvery plumes of water flow the symbols of the Berezina and the Vilia which head not far from the town.

Nowadays Dokshitsy is an administrative and cultural centre of the Dokshitsy region with the population of about 8 thousand people. In Dokshitsy there is an architectural monument of the end of the XIX the beginning of the XX century preserved a church. The church of John the Baptist (1903, made of quarry stone, v. Volkolaty), a church (XVIII century, made of wood, v. Kamaisk), the Saviour and Transfiguration church (1627, in 1794 was rebuilt consederably. made of wood, v. Porplische), the arc (the beginning of the XVIII century, v. Sitz), the temple of the great martyr George Victorious (1870, made of wood, v. Tumilovichi), the church of St. Maria (1863, made of bricks, v. Parafianovo) are of great interest.

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