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The town of Droguichin had been mentioned for the first time in written sources in 1452 as a village named Dovecherkovichi, and from 1623 it had been known as an inhabited place of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. From 1795 it had been part of Russia.

From 1921 the town had went to Poland. From 1939 Droguichin had been part of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. From January 15, 1940 it had been a town settlement, the centre of the district. From 1967 Droguichin has the status of a town.

Today about 17 thousand inhabitants live in Droguichin, the town settlement of Antopol included. There "The Droguichinsky Tractor Repair Plant" OJSC, "The Droguichinskaya Rajagropromtechnika" OJSC, "The Groguichinsky Mixed Fodder Plant" OJSC and the Regional Printing House of Droguichin operate in the town. There are 24 architectural monuments in the region, the most important of which are as follows: the Bezdezhskaya Saint Trinity church (1784), the Vavoulichskaya church of the Saint Birth of the Virgin (1737), The Volovelskaya Saint George's church (1766), the Manor and Park Complex (the village of Zakhozel, the beginning of the XIX century), the Manor and Park Complex of the Vislooukhi generation (the village of Perkovichi, the beginning of the XIX century).

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