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The town is known from the beginning of the XVI century. It was famous for its smart craftsmen. In 16501660 the tsarist authorities removed a great number of Dubrovno carpenters, cutters, potters and other craftsmen to Moscow, Smolensk, Kaluga and Dorogobuzh.

There were the brotherhoods under the Saviour church. The magnates supported the orthodox churches (the charters of 1699, 1709, 1719, 1722,1750,1757).

Nowadays Dubrovno is an administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Dubrovno region with the population of 10 thousand people. There are the joint stock company "Dubrovno flax treating plant", KUPP "Dubrovno industrial complex", regional cooperative society, and the subsidiary of Bagrationovski close joint company "Vitebskagroproduct".

Dubrovno preserved the urban fabric that was formed in the XVIXVII centuries. The preserved architectural monuments are: the Bernardines church (XVIII), the Holy Trinity church (XIX); 100 metres to the east from the river Dubrovenka fall into the Dnepr there is another architectural monument the site of ancient settlement.

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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