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For the first time The Glubokoe city was mentioned in the cronicles of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1514 as a cort and a centre of Zenovichi estate. In genuary 1659 the town was occupied by a

body of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania troops which 6 November 1661 defeated the Russian troops headed by I. A. Hovansky.

The inhabitants had their military organization. The lower middle class was armed with the shot- and coldguns. Since 18 July 1812 Napoleon had stayed there for 6 days.

Nowadays Glubokoe is an administrative, economic and cultural centre of the Glubokoe region. The town has a well-developed commercial and service network.

Glubokoe is enriched with the architectural monuments: a Troitsky church (17641782, in 19021908 was rebuilt by the architect Y. Zaro), a church of the Blessed virgin Nativity (16391654). The different churches have been preserved (the end of the XIX century, v. Bobruischina), a Nikolaevskaya church (the beginning of the XX century, v. Zaborie), another church in the v. Zadorozhie (1910), a bowery (middle of the XIX century, v. Zalesie), a church in the v. Mamai (XVIII), a church of the Lady (the beginning of the XX century) and the Petropavlovskaya church (1909) in the v. Prozoroki, the Paraskeva church (1887, v. Chemevichi).

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