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The town of Ivatsevichi was mentioned in written sources for the first time in 1519. From the second half of the XVI century it had been in the Smolensky district of the Novogroudok region in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. From 1791 the town had been part of the Russian empire.

From September 20, 1947 Ivatsevichi had been a town settlement, the centre of the Ivatsevichi district. From 1962 to 1965 it had been in the Beriozovsky district. From 1965 the Ivatsevichi district had been reestablished with its centre being in the town settlement of Ivatsevichi and on the 28nd of May, 1966 the town settlement of Ivatsevichi became a town where today's population is about 24 thousand people.

In the town the determining role belongs to the industry. It produces fuel briquettes, furniture, saw-timbers, reinforced concrete, parquet, skies, feather-down products, domestic chemistry goods and other products. The largest enterprise is "The Ivatsevichidrev" Open Joint Stock Company. It has its branches in Brest, Baranovichi and Rouzhany. There are 103 monuments of history and culture on the territory of the district. Out of them there are 18 monuments of architecture: the Kossovsky Catholic church (XIX century), the Kossovsky Trinity Catholic church, one of the most beautiful in the Brest oblast (XIX century), the Goshchin-skaya church of Erection of the Cross (XIX century), the Belavichskaya Ilya's church (XVIII century).

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