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Kletsk (annalistic Klechesk, Klechsk, from Klech which means birchen spinney) first mentioned in 1127 as the center of vassal principality where Vyacheslav Yaroslavovich reigned, the part of Turov principality. The town has merchant relations with Kiev and Volyn.

Since 1320th Kletsk was a part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. On August 5, 1506 besides the town headed by marshalok, court prince M.L. Glinsky troops vanquished forces of Crimean Tartars. 3 thousand Tartar soldiers were captivated and 40 thousand captives gripped by Tartars in Belarus were released. The humanist, reformer and educator Symon Budny was the preacher in 15601562 in Calvinist cathedral. In XVIIXVIII cc. prince's administrator governed in Kletsk, town "government" worked.

Since 1940 is the center of Kletsk district. There are canning factory, mechanical plant, butter making factory, food-producing factory, fodder millwork in the town. Memorials of architecture such as Dominican church (XVII c), building of former hospital (1909), in the northwest town end the settlement of ancient Kletsk have survived.

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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