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For the first time Kobrin was mentioned in the Ipatjevskaya Chronicle in 1287. From the first half of the XIV century Kobrin had been part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and from 1404 to 1519 it had been the centre of the Kobrin princedom. In 1589 the town obtained the Magdeburg right and a coat of arms. In the XVIXVIII centuries the town was the centre of the Kobrin economy. From September 1794 it was occupied by the army of field marshal A. V Souvorov. From 1795 Kobrin had been part of the Russian empire and had belonged to A. V Souvorov. From January 1940 Kobrin has been the centre of the district.

The town of Kobrin is rich in historical and cultural monuments. Among them is the monument to A. V Souvorov, the town park, the Dnepr and Boug Canal, the Spassky monastery (1497), the Nikolaevskaya church (1750), The Manor of Souvorov (1794), the Catholic church (1843), the Alexandr Nevsky Cathedral (1868).

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