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In the written sources it was mentioned, starting from the year 1395. In the XV century it was the court of the great princes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the Novogrudok District. Starting from the year 1594 it is known as a small town. In the year 1777, the followers of king Stanislav Leschinsky, headed by M. Oginsky encamped over there. Starting from the year 1795 it made part of the Russian Empire. In the XIX century it was a small town, a center of the volost of the Novogrudsky District, Minsk Government. Starting from the year 1921 it made part of Poland, from the year 1939 of the BSSR. Since the year 1940 it is a center of the Region of Korelichi.

Nowadays Korelichi is a town village with the population of about 8 thousand people. Among the most important enterprises there are the following ones: "The Korelichi Creamery Factory", "The Korelichi flax", "The Voronchansky and Mirskiy Spirits Works", the Unitary Enterprise "The Mixed Fodder Factory" and the other enterprises. The Region is proud of the palace castle complex of the XVI century, located in a town village Mir, which appears to be a branch office of the National Arts Museum of the Republic of Belarus. One could be impressed by the Protection of the Virgin Church (the year 1888, made of stones and bricks) in the village Turez and the Exaltation of the Cross Church (a second part of the XIX century, made of stone) in the village Eremichi.

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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