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13 of August 1943 partisans blown in Kostiukovichi factories producing railway sleepers and balks, broke the saw-mill and electric power station.

Now 17 thousands people live in the town.

Industrial potential of the region is represented by 8 enterprises. The major of them are "Belarussian cement works" Productional Republican Unitary enterprise and "Kostiukovichi logging-lumbering enterprise". Particular attention in the region is paid to revival of national trades and handicrafts. Production of national skilled craftspeople wood-carver I. Lwvchenko, rod wicker-work master S. Dubaev is in requisition in the Republic and abroad.

Educational system is represented by 14 secondary schools. The forestries are the best not only in the region, but also in the Republic.

Kostiukovichi region is the motherland of many renowned figures of literature and art: in village Samotevichi was born a national poet of Belarus A. Kuleshov, natives of the region are national writer of Belarus I. Chigrinov, poets and writers A. Rusetsky, V. Homchenko, A. Pismenkov, etc., artist A. Barhatkov.

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