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The information on the origin of Lida is contradictory: between the years 1180 and 1380 (an officially accepted date). The year 1323 a beginning of the Castle of Lida by Gedemin, the great prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, around which a city developed gradually, should be considered the most plausible date. In the XV-XVI centuries it became a significant center of the handicraft and commerce, had relations with Vilnya, Novogrudok, Minsk and, particularly, with Polotsk, from where the fabrics and metal were brought. In the year 1590 Lida obtained the Magdeburg right and a coat of arms. Starting from the year 1842 it became a district city in the Vilnya government. According to the Peace Treaty of Riga as of the 1921 year, it made part of Poland. From the year 1931 it formed part of the BSSR. Since the 15th of January 1940 it is a center of the Lida Region.

Nowadays Lida is one of the most prominent industrial cities of Grodno Region with the population of about 100 thousand people. The industry is represented by 33 enterprises of the different branches of the national economy. There are the following architectural monuments in Lida: the Exaltation of the Cross Roman Catholic Church (the years 17651770), the buildings of the brewing factory and some residential houses, the castle remains on Sovetskaya Street, which was built in the years 1330 from the stone and bricks. In the Region one could found the Mikhailovsky Roman Catholic Church (the beginning of the XX century, village Zblyany), the Country Estate (the XIX century, village Maloe Mozheikovo).

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