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It appeared in the land of Mikulinskaya volost that at the end of the XV century was under Slutsk prince Ivan Osovitski governance. In 1634 Liozno became the part of the Russian Empire.

At the beginning of the Patriotic war of 1812 the Marshall M. Nei corps was dislocated in Liozno for two weeks. The picture of the French army Major H. V. Faber Due For "In bivouac in Liozno in august of 1812" witnesses this fact. Starting from 1831 the tanning, clothing, joinery, fulling and other crafts were well developed in Liozno. The modern urban village Liozno with the population more than ' thousand people is an administrative, economic and cultural center of the ..iozno region. Here the industry is represented by: forestry enterprise, a flax reating plant, a factory-farm enterprise, a bread-baking plant, a service center, a tinned food factory, a dehydration plant, a milk plant.

Lioznenschina is rich in forests, vast meadows and a great number of lakes. The largest ones are: Zelenskoe, Shelohovoe, Buevskoe, Sitnianskoe, Grebennitskoe. In the territory of the region more than 20 species of rare plants grow, about 15 species of birds from the Red Data Book nest.

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