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For the first time the name of Liakhovichi was mentioned in documents of the XV century as a State possession of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1572 the king Zhiguimont II August presented it to the magnate Jan Khadkevich. During the time of this magnate in the town a bastion castle had been built that is known under the name of "The Liakhovichi Fortress" and that stood 8 sieges and was one of the strongest fortifications not only in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania but also in the whole of the Rzeczpospolita. From 1793 Liakhovichi had been part of Russia. According to the Peace Treaty of Riga of 1921 Liakhovichi went to Poland and up to September 1939 had been part of the Baranovichi district in the Novogroudok area.

Today Liakhovichi is an administrative, business and cultural centre of the Liakhovichi district. There in the town operates a metal-reinforced plastic plant, reinforced concrete items plant, a cannery and a dairy plant.

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