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For the first time Miory was mentioned in 1514 as the estate Mereya in Braslavski uezd as the part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1793 Miory became the part of the Russian Empire. Nowadays Miory is an administrative, economic and cultural center of the Miory region. There are 9 industrial enterprises in the town. Among them there are the joint stock company "Miorsky animal feed plant", "Miorsky flax treating plant", "Miorsky milk plant", a bread-baking plant.

Miorschina is famous for its architectural monuments. They are: the Trinity church (XVIII century) in the v. Leonpol, the Cathedral of the Assumption (1907) in Miory, a church (the first half of the XIX century) and a church (the middle of the XIX century) in the v. Idolta, a church Nikokaevskaya (the end of the XIX century) in the v. Kalinovaya, a church Nikolaevskaya (the second half of the XIX century) in the v. Charasy, a church Krestovozdvizhenskaya (18641867) in the v. Tsvetino, the Transfiguration church (the late XIX the beginning of the XX century) in the v. Iazna.

In Miorschina the ancient parks are preserved in the villages Mono-pol, Kamenpolie, Dedino. The parks "Kamenpolie" and "Poluostrov" (in Miory) are of the greatest natural value.

In the Miory region there are two hydrologic reserves of the republican importance "Elnya" and "Boloto-moh". Another natural monument of the republican importance is "Chistaya dubrava".

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