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Nesvizh is one of the oldest Belarusian towns. It is fairly referred as a memorial city. Nesvizh was first mentioned in 1223.

From the 1" half of XIV century the town belonged to Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Since XVI century during more than four centuries Nesvizh was a residence and the center of broad estate of prince's family Radzivills one of the noblest European houses.

The town had its emblem. In 1586 Nesvizh achieved Magdeburg rights. In 1583 a palace was built on the site of ancient settlement. There were various archives, unique library, collections from different fields of science and culture, picture-gallery in prince's palace. Radzivills had their own choir, orchestra and theater.

In 1562 first books of S. Budny in Belarusian language were printed here: "Catechism" and "About justification of a sinful man before God". Engraver, cartographer and printer T. Makovsky printed in the Nesvizh press the first detailed map of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which gave historical and geographical review of Belarus. Nesvizh is unique in its past. You can sense a spirit of the past centuries. Castle, Catholic Church, town council, Benedictine convent, market place, Slutsk gates and other architectural sights has survived. Lives of a public man and a poet Vladimir Syrakomlya, great Belarusian poet Yakub Kolas, classic of Belarusian literature Yanka Kupala, famous writer Kuzma Chorny and the father of Belarusian poet Maxim Bogdanovich Adam Bogdanovich were tightly connected with Nesvizh and its neighborhood. Nesvizh is associated with the cradle of Belarusian architecture, arts, book-printing, literature, theater, music, education and philosophy.

Throughout its history the town suffered many disasters, invasions and fires. Again and again it was revived by its talented and patriotic inhabitants. Because of the extraordinary value and position in national historical and cultural heritage of Belarus, palace and other town's sight are declared National historical and cultural memorial reserve "Nesvizh".

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