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Oshmyany is known from the 1340 years as a populated point of the Vilnya Principality and a castle of the great princes of the Great Principality of Lithuania. Oshmyany obtained a town status from Vitovt after the battle against Tatars on the river Vorskla in the year 1399. On the 8th of December 1432 Zhigimont inflected a defeat on Svidrigaila, a great prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. 10 thousand people were killed. The town obtained the Magdeburg right in the beginning of the XVI century. During the rebellion in the year 1794 the headquarters of the Y. Esinskiy's rebel were located in Oshmyany army. Here the detachment of M. K. Oginsky was formed, the appeal to the Russian troops was printed. Starting from the year 1795 Oshmyany formed part of the Russian Empire.

In the present time, Oshmyany is a town, a regional center with a developed processing industry, which has 14 industrial enterprises.

Among the architectural monuments one can find a Basilian Monastery building in the village Boruny (the XVIII century), the Golshanskiy Castle ruins (the first part of the XVII century) and the Franciscan Monastery (was built in the year 1618 and rebuilt in the XVIII century) in the village Golshany, in the town — the Saint Resurrection Church (XIX в.) and the Saint Mikhail Roman Catholic Church (the beginning of the XX century).

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