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Postavy is known since 1552 as a private settlement. In the second half of the XVIII century A. Tyzengauz was its owner. It was his initiative to build here some plants, a weaving factory, a mill, a tannery, an architectural complex of dwelling houses. A famous Italian architect D. Saka took part in the building up this territory. At court of Tyzengauz a chamber orchestra and a ballet school were created.

Here he founded the ornithological museum and a picture gallery (in 1840 there were about 60 pictures). Nowadays Postavy is an administrative, economic and cultural center of the Postavy region. Here we can find 14 industrial enterprises that produce furniture, flax fibre, glass containers, milk, meet and bakery products. The architectural monuments are preserved in the region: Water mill (the second half of the XIX century), a church (18801887), a Tyzengauz Palace (the second half of the XVIII the first half of the XIX century), a church in Postavy (1894), Pokrovskaya church (the beginning of the XX century) in the v. Osinogorodok, a church (the end of the XIX the beginning of the XX century) in the v. Gruzdovo, the Trinity church (17691773) in the v. Dunilovichi, a church of John the Baptist (1603 1606) in the v. Kaman, Tadevush church (1706) in the v. Luchai, Andreevsky church (19081914) and the bowery (the first half of the XIX) in Lytupy, a church (the beginning of the XX century) in the v. Mankovichi.

The land is famous for 12 historical parks. 28 natural reserves and monuments are protected by the state. Postavschina is situated in Poozerie territory that has 115 lakes, 16 storage ponds, 86 rivers.

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