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In the written sources for the first time it was mentioned in 1503 as Zenovichi estate. In 1793 it became the part of the Russian Empire.

Nowadays the urban village Sharkovschina is an administrative, economic and cultural center of the Sharkovschina region with the population of 7,5 thousand people. The industry is represented by 4 enterprises: UPP "Tinned food and vegetable dehydration plant", UPP "The center of cooperative industry", UKP "The building materials plant", UPZP "Koopzagotprom".

The architectural monuments are: the Estate house (XX century), Uspenskaia church (1912) in the region center, the cathedral of the Annunciation (1787), the Bowery (XVIII century), a church (the beginning of the XX century) in the v. Germanovichi, the chapel (XVIII century), the Bowery (XVIIIXIX centuries) in the v. Divnaya, the water mill (XIX the beginning of the XX century), a Mikhailovsky church (1744 1756) and the church of the Holy Virgin Nativity (1794) in the v. Luzhki, Iliinskaia church (1825) in the v. Shkuntiki.

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