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Smolevichy is first mentioned in 1448 as a property of Krevo's governor Olekhna Dorgievich. Since the 2nd half of XVI century during almost 300 years Smolevichy was owned by Radzivills. After the 2"a Partition of Poland in 1793 Smolevichy with surrounding territories passed to Russian Empire, the town became a center of a volost (district).

Since 1795 Smolevichy was a center of a volost of Borisov uyezd (larger district). In 1871 Moscow-Brest railroad was paved through Smolevichy. On 28th of September, 1938, it became a borough. In 1968 Smolevichy became a town with population about 10 thousand.

Nowadays Smolevichy is a beautiful town, the administrative, economical and cultural center of Smolevichy district, its population exceeds 14 thousand. Industries include: bread-baking plant, gear and ferroconcrete items producing, mechanical plant, food industry, cooperative industrial complex forestry, construction and machine-building enterprises. National airport Minsk-2, the only in republic and in Commonwealth of Independent States satellite communications station "Teleport" and "Belarusfilm" shooting area are situated on the district territory.

Some architectural sights have survived in the district: brewery (early XX, the village of Alesino), water-mill (early XX, the village of Vysokoye). St. Ioann Church (the middle of XIX, the village of Domashany), Svyzto-Blagoveschensky monastery with a church and housing estate (XVIII century, the village of Lyady.

Guide to towns and district centers of Republic of Belarus. A.V. Varivonchik [etc.]

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