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Smorgon is known from the XV century as a private small town of the Zenovich, Radzivill, Pshezdetzky's families, making part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. About the year 1590 a paper textile mill, a school and a hospital were founded in Smorgon. Here the bagels' baking was started for the first time. In the XVII century the Radzivill family established a bears training school here "The Smorgon Academy".

From the year 1795 it formed a part of the Russian Empire. During the war of the year 1812, emperor Napoleon stopped in Smorgon at the French troops retreat, here he passed the command to his marshal I. Murat and departed through Vilnya into Paris. The highway between Smorgon and Oshmyany was named "the Napoleon Route".

Nowadays Smorgon is an administrative regional center with the population of more than 36 thousand people. The most prominent enterprises of Smorgon are the following ones: the Smorgon Works of the Optical Machines construction, the Power Units Works, the Open Joint-Stock Company "The Smorgon silicate-concrete works", the Open Joint-Stock Company "The Smorgon Mixed Fodder Factory".

Among the architectural monuments preserved until nowadays, one can find: the Country Estate of M. K. Oginsky in Zalesie, the God Mother Roman Catholic Church in Soly, a Roman Catholic Church and Castle a fortress, built in the beginning of the XIV century by prince Gedemin in Krevo. Here, in Krevo, the Krev Union was signed in the year 1385 a union of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania with Poland.

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