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The first written mentioning of Volkovysk (an annalistic denomination "Volkovyesk") in the Ipatiev chronicle refers to the year 1252, where it was named a frontier fortress. Later on, the historians determined a more earlier date of the birth of Volkovysk the year 1005. It was confirmed officially by the decision of the town Soviet's session. Starting from the XIV century Volkovysk made part of the Great Principality of Lithuania. The Volkovysk's gonfalon participated in the Grunwald battle of the year 1410. Starting from the XV century it had been an area center, from the XVI century a center of the Volkovysk District. In the year 1503 the town obtained the Magdeburg right. A castle on the river Volkovys was an administrative and economic center. Starting from the year 1795 it had made part of the Russian Empire. In the beginning of the Patriotic war of the year 1812, general P. I. Bagration's quarters, a commander of the 2nd Western Russian Army, were located over there.

From the 15th of January 1940 it became a center of the Volkovysk Region.

Nowadays Volkovysk is a town with the population of more than 43 people. In the town the following enterprises operate: a dairy and canning combine of the children products, a meat-packing plant, a canning factory, a bread production factory, the casting equipment and metal articles factories. The next architectural monuments have been preserved: the Vazlavsky Roman Catholic Church and the Nikolaevskaya Church of the XIX century, the Country Estate House (Bagration's House). In the Region the Yan's Roman Catholic Church (of the year 1773, village Vovpa), the Mikhailovskaya Church (XVIII century) and the Petropavlovskiy Roman Catholic Church (of the year 1778) in village Isabelin are also known.

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