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Voronovo is known, according to the written sources, from the XVI century, as making part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In the year 1735 Y. Spizion, a koshtolyan of Smolensk, a senior man of Lida, opened a school in Voronovo and a collegium of patres piarum. During his rule Voronovo was a center of the area. From the year 1921 it made part of Poland. From the year 1939 it made part of the BSSR, from the 15th January 1940 it became a regional center, from the 12th of October 1940 a urban village.

In the Region the following monuments have been preserved: the Ioann-Baptizer's Roman Catholic Church (the years 19001906, village Benyakoni), a landscape type park with a country estate house (the beginning of the XIX beginning of the XX centuries, village Bolteniki), a House-Fortress (the years 16111612, village Gaityunishki), the Wooden Roman Catholic Church (the year 1789, village Zhirmuny), the Petropavlovsky Roman Catholic Church (18031812, village Zabolot).

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